Full Timing Journal - July 2010

July 29, 2010 - After Manistee, we went up to Hillman, MI to Thunder Bay RV resort and spent a week. While we were there we hooked up with our Texas friends Larry & Phyllis. The first night we met at Bolton's Bar, a favorite hang out, along with their friends Jim & Jan that we've met several times before. As usual the pizza was GREAT. We met back at their house a few days later for a spaghetti dinner on Monday and said our good byes. Wednesday we moved back to Waldenwoods and the rain came. Three straight days of rain. Now it's the next Thursday and we're finally getting the weather I came up here for. It's "supposed" to be sunny and low 80's for the next few days. Next week we'll be leaving Michigan and headed for Akron, OH to attend the Bridgestone Invitational Golf Tournament.

Thought For The Day: Only people who have to pay the bills should be allowed to vote. Our current situation in Washington is proof that the opposite doesn't work.

July 13, 2010 - Yesterday we did a little sight seeing, we took the "scenic" drive up M-22 to Sleeping Bear Dunes. I'm not sure what's "scenic" about the drive, just a road through trees for 55 miles with one pullout that looks out over Lake Michigan. The $10 "scenic" drive through Sleeping Bear Dunes was equally as unimpressive and pretty much not worth the price of admission (or the cost of the gas). We drove over to Traverse City and ate lunch at La Senorita, it was decent Mexican food with very large portions. We got back to the RV in time to feed Lady (she was looking at the clock when we got there). I watched a little TV and Debbie went over to the casino with $50. She came back with $1200. Another Royal. 2010 Count: Debbie-5, Reid-1. She's pulling away FAST.

We're leaving a day early and heading up to Thunder Bay Golf & RV Resort in Hillman, MI on Wednesday. We were headed back to Waldenwoods but 90 degree weather is not for me. So we'll stay further north for another week. We'll see our friends Larry & Phyllis while we're there, probably for the Friday Fish Fry at the resort.


July 11, 2010 - The buffet here is AWFUL. We tried it for lunch the first day and were NOT impressed at all. Very little selection and mostly cold. We tried it again yesterday for breakfast and were even less impressed. Burned bacon, cold biscuits (even the "fresh" ones they just brought out), they hide the pancakes and you have to ask for them. So far this "resort" is getting some pretty low marks from us.

Debbie likes the video poker here, she should. Royal Flush today. Now we can play on their money. With Debbie around, we almost ALWAYS play with their money. I can't remember the last time we had to spend our own money at a casino.

The temps are in the low 80's which isn't too bad, but our site has all afternoon sun which makes it pretty uncomfortable to sit out in the evening. Had I paid attention when we set up I would have asked for a different site. Guess we'll just have to tough it out until Thursday.

July 9, 2010 - Finally, relief from the heat. We made the trip up to Little River Casino in Manistee, MI yesterday and were greeted with 78 degrees when we got there. Far cry from the 90's in Hartland. OF COURSE it rained on us most of the way there. That's a standard travel day! The park here is pretty good, concrete pads and full hookup. The casino shuttle leaves a lot to be desired. We called for the shuttle (stretch golf cart) to take us to the casino to eat lunch and they came promptly. However, when we were ready to go back, they were no longer so helpful and were unconcerned with us. We ended up taking the LONG walk back to the RV Park. I won't make THAT mistake again!

Things That Boggle My Mind: Waitresses who bring your food that includes french fries and act surprised when you ask for ketchup. Huh? Ketchup? Whoda thought it? Automatic 5% tip reduction.

July 5, 2010 - For some STRANGE reason, the park had their 4th of July fireworks on Saturday the 3rd. Go Figure. What used to be a GREAT 45 minute display has now turned into a 17 minute display. The fireworks show is one of the reasons we make sure we're here on the 4th of July. Maybe next year we'll rethink that and find another place to go on the 4th. The 70 degree weather has left us. 90 degrees yesterday and the next four days are supposed to be 91, 93, 93, 91. This is NOT why we come to Michigan in the summer. We're on a 30 amp connection and it is difficult to keep the RV cool in this weather with limited power. We can run both air conditioners as long as NOTHING else is running. This means running the fridge on propane, no laundry and running the water heater on propane when needed. The power pole here has two 30 amp plugs, which means I could get enough power by using the cheater box and hook into both 30 amp connections at the same time. That's what we did the first summer we bought our membership here and it worked out great. Then to our surprise, the next year they would not allow us to use both plugs. Hmmm, changed the rules after we paid our money...what a surprise.

Thursday we leave for Manistee, MI. We've been trying to get to the west coast of Michigan for a couple years and something stopped us every time. Not this year. We'll be staying in Manistee and visiting Traverse City and the coastal areas for a week, then back to Waldenwoods for our final two week stay here this year.

Things That Boggle My Mind: People who build campfires when it's 90 degrees. The park is FULL of smoke and no one sits next to them because it's (wait for it....)   HOT.

RV Parks We Stayed At During This Month
Waldenwoods - Hartland, MI
Thunder Bay Golf & RV Resort - Hillman, MI
Little River Casino RV Park - Manistee, MI
Waldenwoods - Hartland, MI

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